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The Vanessa “Honey” Malone Murder: Two Males Allegedly Present During Pretty Teen Slaying In Custody

It has been nearly a month since pretty 18-year-old Vanessa Malone was gunned down in a Stone Mountain Georgia apartment by gun-toting thugs who the¬†cops say they believe robbed the apartment in search for drugs. Very few details have leaked out about police progress or if they even have a person of interest in the teen’s slaying. As the public’s interest in the case grows, so does the volume of people who say the circumstances surrounding what happened that night just doesn’t add up. Mainly, the fact that the petite 100 pound teen was cowardly shot in the back while others survived the brazen armed robbery continues to be a very suspicious element of the case. Further investigation into the Malone murder case reveals that Travares Bendford and the mysterious alleged 4th victim (“Mercy”) are now both in police custody. Bendford was booked on CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) and Tampering with evidence charges. Though details are limited in what actually sparked his arrest, rumors have circulated that Benford may have been attempting to discard drugs related to the armed robbery that resulted in the Malone teen’s tragic ending. Those charges also may be the reason local police dubbed the Malone killing as drug related. Also, the mysterious person that Travares Benford and India Smith say was an alleged 4th victim of the armed robbery but fled before police arrival, is also in police custody on handgun charges unrelated to the Malone murder. This perhaps explains his early departure of a homicide crime scene before cops could interview him. Mercy apparently new he was already wanted by the law. Now that we have a little bit of background on two of the three people who were also there the night Malone was killed, we also realize that drugs and violence were a part of the culture at that dwelling. If the apartment was being utilized as a drug stash house which precipitated the armed robbery, it’s highly possible that one of the three survivors know who was responsible for the killing, and quite possible that they just maybe the culprits themselves. None of them have offered a compelling rationalization why a gang of heavily armed thugs would shoot the person who posed the least threat to them while others mysteriously survived. There have been an onslaught of low-lives appearing on the R.I.P. Honey Facebook page crying out for the release of this “Mercy” character while professing is complete innocence in what happened to the Malone youth, but none of them were there that night. Another interesting factor in this case is that cops have been on T.V. asking for the public’s help. This could only mean that the forensics obtained at the crime scene were void of any clues (i.e. no DNA, finger prints, etc.). If these thugs searched through the apartment in the fashion that both Benford and Smith allege, it was a well orchestrated and clean robbery assuming they left no trace behind. However, I am not so sure that it was such a well planned crime. The robbers knew what apartment to hit and their timing was exact, but if the crime was actually meted out that way, I can’t help wondering why no one was alerted to the door of that apartment being broken into. Not only that though, but no one heard Malone’s screams or the alleged gunshots they say occurred. Nobody saw nothing? The robbers knew too much about the apartment and they weren’t in and out like most home invasions. They had time. Enough time that they felt comfortable chasing Malone outside and bringing her back inside. If they had simply tied the Malone youth up as they allegedly did the other occupants of the apartment, they more than likely could have gotten away without any worries from the cops. There is no way Benford nor Smith would make a police report because they were dirty, and had drugs in the house. So, why kill the teen? This particular aspect of this case is what puzzles many. They didn’t have to kill the teen over a crime in which they allowed at least three other people to survive. We can not be fooled by the antics of family, friends, and other supporters of “Mercy”, Benford, and India Smith. They are all love-lives who have committed crimes and are also directly responsible for the tragic and senseless death of Vanessa Malone whether they pulled the trigger or not, because of the negative ¬†culture associated with their apartment. Some of the language that many of these supporters are displaying depicts complete ignorance, reflect ghetto mindsets, and other negative cultures which derive from thug street life. A closer look at the Social Media pages of many of these same people highlights my perspective, showing images of party atmospheres with drugs, alcohol, and with their associates dressed in fashion which emulate violent rap