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Archive for March, 2013

Shocking Developments In Phylicia Barnes Murder Case: Michael Johnson Granted New Trial, Not Acquitted, And Not Released

Those who came to finally witness closure in the grueling murder trial of Michael Johnson for killing Honors Student Phylicia Barnes were gravely disappointed, as Judge Alfred Nance revealed in a Baltimore Circuit Court today that Johnson would receive a new trial. Johnson was scheduled to be sentenced today after having been previously convicted of

Newborn’s Killing In Chi-Town Must Be Catalyst For Change: Point Them Out And Call Them By Their Name

They will bring flowers, the piano will play sad songs, and the preacher man will speak to ease the pain within the hearts of those who knew and loved young Jonylah Watkins at her funeral services in the coming days. Sadly, another black child has fallen to the perverse sickness of violent culture that permeates

What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?: TPC Refutes Award Winning Journalist LeDuff’s Claim That 7-Year-Old Child Was Killed By Detroit’s Monumental Struggles

Charlie LeDuff is an award winning journalist who wrote about a police shooting that killed a 7-year-old little girl named Aiyana Stanley-Jones one night in Detroit nearly 3 years ago. The little girl was asleep on the sofa with her grandmother when a police swat team expelled a stun-grenade into the front window of their

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