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Archive for June, 2023

Madison County Illinois Prosecutors Allegedly Sanction “Shakedown” Of Inmate Cell In Retaliation For Crushing Defeat In Federal Court Opinion

It is a wise standard operation procedure for officials working in correctional facilities to routinely search or “shakedown” the housing units or jail cells of inmates. These kind of operations are usually done to uncover contraband (i.e. drugs, actual currency, shanks, and other tools or manufactured weapons that inmates utilize to aid in penetrating an

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: James Evans Case Makes National Law Journal News With Federal Court Ruling

TCCOR Means: The Circuit Court Opinion Read Now comes James Evans before three Circuit Judges of an Illinois Federal Appeals Court, praying for relief from what many have called, an unjust Illinois state justice system that Evans claim was “ineffective” in the exhaustion of his postconviction relief efforts. Evans was convicted in two cases (murder,

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