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Archive for May, 2013

Marked For Death: Battered Wife Syndrome, Drug Addiction, And It’s Perpetuating Cycle When Clinical Support Is Absent

The night began with a card game as a group of cousins and a couple of friends engaged in a weekend past-time. The atmosphere was reminiscent of urban culture with drugs and alcohol being part of the festivities, but for this group it was an all too familiar scene. The only problem is that no

Behind The Walls Of Steelside: State Moves To Retake BCDC From Black Gorilla Family

I’m not quite sure how long ago the Maryland State Division of Corrections asked the Federal Bureau of Investigations to conduct a covert investigations into the secret dealings behind the walls of the Baltimore City Detention Center (a.k.a Steel Side), but last week Federal Prosecutors dropped a bomb shell on the doorsteps of the office

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