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Archive for June, 2013

Baltimore’s March For Peace: TPC’s Hometown Under Siege By Gun Violence With 37 Shot In 7 Days

It was a hot and muggy summer afternoon in West Baltimore yesterday as a group of demonstrators marched down North Avenue crying out to it’s fellow citizens to stop the violence. The demography of the crowd was of mix race, as white people strolled along side blacks, and people of other ethnicity. There was none

Florida vs. Zimmerman: Cop Wannabe Statements To Investigators Should Convict Him

If you have been following the George Zimmerman murder trial and are supporting the family of Trayvon Martin, chances are you’ve had a few cocktails at happy hour today in celebration of Rachel Jeantel having concluded her testimony of behalf of the state. Witness #8 as she is often called, was supposed to be a

Day One Of The George Zimmerman Murder Trial: The Unraveling Of Zimmerman’s Defense Has Began With A Major Procedural Error By His Counsel

The murder trial of George Zimmerman who is acussed of murdering 16-year-old Trayvon Martin February 26, 2012, has began with much fanfare as many following the tragic story has expected. The state came right out of the gate with both barrels blazing quoting obscenities Zimmerman made during his call to police that night. “These fucking

The Color Of Honey: Vanessa Malone Murder Case A Casualty Of Race Hate

When it comes to violent crimes in America often times the scale is tilted along the lines of race when we consider the resources, time, and necessary diligence police investigators  put into criminal cases to actually solve many of these crimes. The Natalie Halloway case is a textbook example of how white victims of crime

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