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DiSabatino Cold Case Homicide Arrest In Newark Delaware Raises More Questions Than Answers

Local media in Delaware published a recent article naming a suspect in a homicide cold case that occurred on November 12, 2012 when a University of Delaware Student Peter Disabatino, a 20 year old Appoquinimink High School graduate was gunned down. The article published January 30, 2024 stated that a New Castle County grand jury

Madison County Illinois Prosecutors Allegedly Sanction “Shakedown” Of Inmate Cell In Retaliation For Crushing Defeat In Federal Court Opinion

It is a wise standard operation procedure for officials working in correctional facilities to routinely search or “shakedown” the housing units or jail cells of inmates. These kind of operations are usually done to uncover contraband (i.e. drugs, actual currency, shanks, and other tools or manufactured weapons that inmates utilize to aid in penetrating an

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: James Evans Case Makes National Law Journal News With Federal Court Ruling

TCCOR Means: The Circuit Court Opinion Read Now comes James Evans before three Circuit Judges of an Illinois Federal Appeals Court, praying for relief from what many have called, an unjust Illinois state justice system that Evans claim was “ineffective” in the exhaustion of his postconviction relief efforts. Evans was convicted in two cases (murder,

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Illinois Attorney General Challenged To Fulfill Campaign Promise, And Free Wrongfully Convicted Political Prisoners Of Madison County

Imagine if you lived in a society where your local police or county sheriff office could create false criminal charges against you and even pay confidential informants to lie in court, implicating you in a murder case or other violent crimes. Then imagine that with the help of state law enforcement officials, jury selection manipulation

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: When America Wasn’t Watching, Some Sheriffs Policing Tactics In A Southern Illinois County Were A Monstrosity

Introduction The phrase “contempt of cop” has very little meaning to the lay person outside of the criminal justice system, but it is powerful language and a phrase some use to describe what happened to Rodney King (when four Los Angeles police officers were captured on film repeatedly beating King with batons), or what some

The Killing Fields Of America’s Black Youth: Shrevport Louisiana Teen Shamia Little Found Dead

It’s a tragic story that has played out over and over again in communities all across this nation. The sudden lost of a child of color who met a horrific end at the hands of a violent offender. Her name was Shamia Little (17), who Cabbo Parrish police in West Shrevport Louisiana say went missing

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Region Where James Evans Was Wrongfully Convicted Has Racist Past Of Sundown Towns

The small Midwest town of Alton Illinois is nestled along side the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, and just a stone’s toss away from the site of the landmark Dred Scott case (a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court in which the Court held that the US Constitution was not meant to include American

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: The Incredible But Surreptitious Conviction Of James Evans Summarized

When a Madison County Illinois Magistrate slammed his gavel down upon his sentencing of James Evans to the Illinois Division of Corrections for 107 years, after he was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, many believed that Evans would be put away for the duration of his natural life. While many within the

A Word From The Administrator: The George Floyd Case And The Continued Attack On Black America

Many citizens from broad spectrums of the American society have followed race relations at some point in time or another, as status, wealth, and prosperity is predicated on the very anatomy of American race relations in this country. While the ruling class has maintained a constant firm grip on the United States underclass, the pervasive

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: James Evans Praying To Federal Court For Relief From Embattled Madison County Illinois Judicial Grasp

Disclaimer: The links associated with this blog article are only copies and excerpts extracted from official court records, and do not in any way represent the entirety of those records. A complete copy should be obtained for full context. Additionally, some content may be of an opinionated nature, and doesn’t necessarily represent all of the

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